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(Video) Viber Saimon - Hanchu Mah Rap //Nepali Lyrics Video// New Rap Song Lyrics Video @vibersaimon296

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(Video) Sunan Kudus, Arya Penangsang, Ratu Kalinyamat dan Sultan Hadiwijaya | Sikap Sunan Kudus

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(Video) Mala Rakhbo Na l kukila Sarkar dhubri l Kukila Sarkar Super Hit Song l Cool Assam

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December 29, 2016

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December 31, 1983

(Video) Skusta Clee Balang Araw ft Lethal Kane & Chiva Official Audio

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A FR: BALAREW, D. TO: BALASHOYN, E.K. (1) CIA-RDP91-00772R000302010028-2.pdf1.23 MB


Trans.(M-rmiDESCRtic'stinsll~ wastitisiorlt I re oft ~t ofthe iill~;& reLM L TRANSITION OF THE ORTFIO-.11METAPHOWWRIC ACIDS INTO ONE, gN HEATWO. [1%21 9p, 7 rels.r .ISLA $1. 10 63-11D04Fof Ltschr(iftj (Or Anorg(attlechel Chemlemy)l 910, v. 67, p. 234-241.PTi~kS: -Mxwphoric Adds. Transformstions,, 'Jipor pressure.D :.(I) that In increasirg she water-vVoro r heated orthophosphoric acid the tempers-re ation of the pyro- acid rise& faster thanto- acid. (4 On woow of The volstilityft ac Id the investligation could be carried onlyIt ly low temperature iss dat the anticipatedthsi curves d temperature formation for1~1- sicK that la, the direct tratimition ofinto mits- wid. could not be reached. (Author)63-104141. balarew. 0.(Chemistry--blofJohic. Tr.V. 10, no. 2)Oft at luk%of bp*na t IWVPP~Awl GOP* VC& U=,#AS-RRAMMA to van= UTIOUNIM-197ST. 5vSThe ii telorse Stractuft of Solid Mal System*xodyqwit FOUWktionp by JD.U!,, per,, MUow4w"vbrtf~, Val =Wm.,'13A.Z.RJ. bWa*U 2f 535.SCI ftinfausI '. - ellliimlg~~ .-dm Rati~. byA Vol so. I k! scil1 iim281~M; I bI; I ci~ I: i A:IIi.Idooraw Of 11 ) 1so.Ifk No 6. 7.28%M280v233&tic~l %diation Defectu Considered Pticinj Qe Poi or, UAV of Imergy Watiam., by M. Balarla.,20v(A M.4 ISD 10/U., 1960,AW IV Tr-&].CMppC&AMs an the umb"Ass *f the so-ftlled X-ftyWOUM at IGMS am"as, by N. BAIWPln.PW ffKWWXW, Vol. T. go. 6/7. 2964.R Rot: No. 5353' *-437','itJ1eALMAM"let-gap"71Pof theY~j Pp.iw6b"Ali~ pa:,~ 3o pp 4226-2-)4-t 7,2 J -L-,c0)i )J, iHI 1599 5),i Cal Mdfto Occ=lng Du*ln6raw. Froc*saes in AnImals Sufferiu4i,prai Ion Kalmoloo by a. A. Akopymt M. I.K a A. Antwqm,, S. A. Papaym, 18 ppu Ak got wkoy an, BiolosVol -Mpp 45-55.ipm wil02, 14~%liePereBdl: Mdi!Sep,NY-65o3)e~ of PmMucs at A Lawocytic~,,by Be lie ~ gluvexdymp me I[*A. Oospa7mo 0 pp.r. P=blmW iDevil Val Vio NO 5s 19asim 908 7jp7144uti a of Intrust" Mpatim in the ArmenianSalamovVeNUe looser Cammaus i by 0 1DDr# Wk Ak Nw* SOIR& Vol CMj, So 3p58 ~iTheRecIrregmigrity of IntrMILve ACt1vitY -end theinstruction ipt it the Metory of TeertonicIs$ RxemOlfted In Ar=nJLa),, by S.!~~ "'IF 4 pp.per,, D*, Ak ink ems Vbl M',* so 5p96541.amultente Dweatif4, 4 40Z58610A /GJ6%0&Addowl- tooLOA cc4wset- . )~,b'Jvolas :thO I4raWsoic Lyq*&tic .5ystem ofttomok ~~Ikftftsd by Brom-Poame~Iyt,Y V6 N* gjjO&Vb 4Rm~, AN Byul EkApor Biol i Medg Vol UI pppCBSol? ~22100636of the Rare Earths in the Waters of the) by Balashoy, Yu. A.., K%itrov, L. M..,.1. lkr., Geokbim, No 91 1961.1 ii Ii Geochem SocSciR i,jANcrv 6-~iip 2161 1 ,327ww")swea imaiewi;JiN IAOSPMP TOmlall.art 00000k -NO 906. of he Wfect of Umigudal CcwxeccionOcIty of Slaruc wMea in pw4k 5amplesUn OacUjijonv of Ulao V$droatatlc Pressure, byP. D. B. I A~5PP -mms IwIr It Ak lwjk. SSWq Sme 04.~Qfiz,. 110 8jAGUSolion:of tA At w "Of t Volumtric Coupressibility of &rbleat 1,6 Pre by G. A. Adadurov, D. B. ftUshov,A. ff.!' emiq'~ 4RUSSTAJV , pe*,'., IZ AX Mauk SWRJV Ser Geofiz.. No 5; ig6i,pp 7111'?~16.AWSci 7Oct 611T116 0( "::Lb lity of tbalftmtion of&-Particles by4 Nowgies up to 700 mv , by X. Po,.,,IV. A. Zh*ov.. B. M. Ponte-Go SqlIv*wp IJ pp.ke r I t npws, Zbw N Vol XXIK.,.jp_Jet W53: 0*1 -n3e"-"ou C.-U%O%FOPAmorlmn Inst of PhysicsScidulTh6 diabitic Mduli ot Elasticity in Sinterelt carbidean MUMS Alloys,, tr F. 1. YorDwwboyDD. j WM_.,,I 4 pp1*1, fts YAW L Nvt&Uovp Vol UP 16 4,0IROW j19.pptlc: mfnhimicalPvc-'sourea Uo to byIrer-eca, - aGill -D..'4d15 1 ov)1:1. T'"Xh R:sT coulty ~f lpeous -.ocksat P.I~eis=06.up to 5OW kg/cm by M. p.VOLI~vkch,ll D. B. Wmmihov, V. A. Pavlogmdsky,YRUSSIAX perp Iz A;,,. Nauk SSSM, Ser GeL%fi.-,, No 5,'pPAmer Geophyt-, UnionsciAug 66"~gt of Pmeu ree UP to 5000 kg/cm2 on theand Absorption of Ultrasonic 4avee inby M. P. Volarovich, D. B. Balaihay'l 3 P0.iper, Dak Ak Ikuk SSM, Vol WMV, 11oAlpSov Pbys PokVol vt NOh6 61Re earl on IsotherMl CopWsibility of f"losiIit~Preoj ures Up to 92vOOO kg/sq am., by M. Ya.Ds So IMI Ls Nt Mokrousov,VRUST^ rPt. 77eb 1959-AF I kW2xu~j 61 /.576 61 7I* or sl"U4 wave valwitles In Rock-Oam or up -to !50W - WCM4 byIra*Lebo, V* D. jKla"Wo'. 14 pp~i ~ It Ak P& 89M4, 80t MOO" No 3Des. #ing *agneti:c O'lemouts and devices ofa116 eon it computort, by E. P. BalashovRUSS li W 19 k, 272 pp.NLL R:"F: .678.23F AD 671 142/a S.x-P383,35369July(BY-4710)lhyen~ Pive Yeara of the "spartak" sooiet~y, by!IiLa~qpqv.. 10 ppeSUN, part TOOKya i Praktiks Fizichea:toyftiivy~ Vol xm.' so 41, 1960~ Rp 307-309.JPRS 5661by!~- Deashov) A. Shchogolev., 5 P;.IRUBSTANTorsnvj.ia,. No 1.-2, -Lo6oInte=tl Arts h Sci Prear.Problem of lummicsvol ni, So 12IUSSREconjun 6).I ~ 'IL4,037 of Photodisiategration of Light Ilucle-i Withiail6sio~lof Fast Deuterons, t)y 2xv. V. Balathov,'If. F~I!tisov, 6 pp.IRU IsMi,11 per) Zhur Eksper i Teoret Fiz, Vol XLV,i,140 1~~,63, PP 532-540-Amer Inst of PhysSov Phys YLTPVol XVIII, No '21646Sci IMa~ 64~n Eqerimental Fossibilit,,, of Stud~ing,Ithel!l -'chabisr. of the (t..d) Reaction,, by V. V.I (IBal~s` *Ov V. N. Fetisov, 6 pp.Abw II) ILr., Zhur Misper i Teoret 1,'1z, Vol )avlllc~ ls)6, !,,P 532-540-r Inst of PhysSov Phys .. JYLLT-Vol XVIII~ No 2SciBx 41 latLem aidso ASK ft"s bFrh~I hallIts in #Ago!0AD 679 814jI-ob 372o943of0I BBVsci62etween the Collective and Shell Descrip-et7eole UdItitions of Atomic Nuclei, by~phoipp7~er Mw MWer i Tooret M Fiz,N'O'l, 1962, PP 275-281-AIPsov Phys-MPVol XV, No 1214,,699Gi ibAit Recionance in pb2o8 Photodisintegrat.-i-on, byV.: Bal- aShoV. V. G. Shevcheriko, 3 pp.mio 'IAN) leer) Zhur Essper i Tooret Fiz, Vol 1I) NO19Nj pp:1,929-1933-AM31Soir Phys - J ",-Vol. XT., No 6Jul('12 205..066-d HAtlia for Naclaou ABs,:)QiatloLL;zIhe liticleus, by V. V 13,-0Fe~dlLchlthl Yu. F. Smirnav, N. P. Yudin,RUSETAN, J~or, Zhur Hkeper i Teoret Fiz, Vol'85No 3-959, ?p 4 -1-389.Amer Inat of FIVaSov fts-MlpVol XaVIT-JU6 whc~ 'base Fact* for Transition from "ParticU"H SUUs in !the Ikelear She-U theory$ by010 Jmbopp,101 porj Zhur.9kaper 1 Tooret, FIz., ValI(OPPI No 5) IM, VP WI-1392.159Amer Imet.0 of'PhysSoy phys4mVal66ift AGOOQM-cm dd 96011 It oxfigia quom I Mew-4"xvt041 Aqmmri am P $TGAvr "=O0 :, "~' I ~~w II -It 4 .1 !, :. 7 1 , -L ~Sto ib". ??142~1 L"iloso bly yes- P, aslou%*, 1 4"*.6*4 ,iI_t. )o 47 .*PatA* &OWU nd Dalm ofCivOut4ft, 1w be P* Mal"bms 264363.o?OI'M Possible I",ethods of Constructim,- Sotra ei A Iderol in Sem-ence From 'Ferriite:~~c r by Ye. 1:1. Mdashov, 12 pr,ssjA per, Iz Vysshilch Alichev Znved.Pn-bo:rinstroye-iilre, Vol T'I' 110 2, lcic"hjP, 73JPIRS 26079S~VA ~,(.nI.-j~jm ommin vw 1%84P Of lamcwycby To. N PP,g.,v Is yyodwm,o*e% Zwed Prob=stnwsetitat~111TT-CIIS-637 ~7 idd 6CFWX I ING F -S-r E 1) 13Y MODID T ICKS(AC.-VRINA.,; )DID. IN THE FEEDING STAGE JKOV-INcheAvo Krim Ilogla Ih btiernui lksodm~vmt Kleshchami(Ac,,rina, lk"W Mae) vo, rem'a Pilantial. Tr, ~iy B. ltilyjql,.1965, 141) dinslign twml dltjckdi l3refs. Trans-7223.Ar3ilable (in ll:tn Irrom 'VSFI is TT-65-6376"Tr3nL;, of 7uo crgiche i Zhurnid v43 ji3 p4IR-231964.TO I At Uop ~WorflmilyIft imatitm L" 2609MIL, aidus.loss of4mw xxvpPSIA"Pda SO%To L I& -iAlliwo-110 A/Mi--rldt* of L-cedied Ti,C~'-, into 13 udy eir Wbillty,# by Yu - B-1 &.olsjuv11uh N; *r,, Wol Znllr., Vol X1AV!.'JT.-L,, Nu '17, IC-)4sc~f i0l.In Weight of the Ccomon Sbeep Ticir Ixoder.AIC bughout MOOR Suckingo by Yu, Dalashov#h10-6, ppRMI, p rp ?=I murv Vol MMV No 1"LCSIRO-3313setAug 1~8MA rov" - .- Cakf the Genital ayst4ft in thoy 1=4"0", bF Ta alaswv.lb. lp~, 1964,cs*~-7565v - , 6 ~, be' e "tSOL -, _i 339-698Aug ,1~7N"Ivg pmaess ofOki#1 jorp Sol 16titift ce tm woC. a. I R. o. i.,45o660at B36M by Ixodl d TUftofadft B%Ws bLf%WP# udcodgilau- Vol. 43,p4WM*0fiRt 4s hUr67 3WPW611 00OWGIS Pftl4Alcltr In Aripuld &W: I Wo nak'sq ~y ft BeUdovei , .so -- 1 J0032 pp?Yu MALl;s~ou-imai .13, "Jk~ 67 334#9%iI~Stt~tutioa of ftnim, Tlhorium,, and Uie Raroisi4a the Grea4oids of the Susamyr Sataolith~1~ 'trAt ~Titn-Shlm) 0 by L, Le 10movas YU* Aopp*per, GookhimLyal, No Ilt 1963.Scripta Tedmicat 64262028121VO16 ion r rare earth compoei'tion and conterilo tn..'tie Al txu~""ve phases of the Lovotero alkalic massif1~~Kolelpen4'saa). * Yu. A. Balashov, 15 PP,,I --11113k6r, p~r, Gookhim, No 3, 1962'0900hom *mSci7Apr!RAREtARIIS IN'THE EUDIALYTE COWLEX OF THELOVO.'ERO,k KALIC MASSIF, BY YU. A. BALASHOV,N.,,V., TU~ NSPAYA., 14 PPSRU~SIAN) PER) GEOKHIM., NO 12, ig6i.GEOCHDi SOCsclFEB 63 223.,7.--12Ch6x6d;ll 4-ist 6s of CoWosition of the Rare Earth inHud, pa -d Loparites''of the Lovozero Massif, byYu4 "A OV) N. V. Turanskaya, .12 pppei Geokhim, No 2, 1960GSSci214,596Aug 62in the Distribution of the Numl" ,i.!in the iartble Cbrust, by Yu. A. BWAshov.per, (hokhImiya., No P-p 1963., PP 1071124.7S4 IA4162blaxinnim in the Foxe-Earth Elements inJljte, by Yu. A. ~~, N. V. TLuwskaya,~I~er, Geokhim, No 7, 1960-GS216jlLN)8iation of Rare.-Rafrth Mments ;~aProoemaj, by Ya. A.- jLmlaoh!jv. 21 p.M43rdya ZaamW Kory, Vol. I$ pp!152-365NA8A TT- F- 179& "t.63 ti! /77iDdt4l~~l on of SmAlt(10*2-10"4%) Amounts ofThoii Rooks by AsiAs of Areanazo II, by~Ela ao Pe Volynotv# Yus Ac Balashovs,RU6 1, r, Zhur Anil Mm, Vol XV, No 4,9 VMOIPPISoiA4 Ii:or, ~bomib,lot;0141vial Al TjIW=u AslatimSOA"** bir TA* 0Idma sat gmftam)us;jAht..,j Is Vol 29# 3996 3-:='*---,~m law)yc~&ftv"s mail blow 11L.An luo a* a""Isov.Val 2a0 w6j.~hgwi:tTT-'65--6332 Field BCBilaihj', d. S.ANATbMt iSTOL6 ICALPECULLARITIES OF MOULT-ING OF lijiE j'lCK i'AWNWASLATICUBI ~ACARINA,iX0,X)Ij) tkj (Anato bistolopic*14e Os6benwstl~'hUnkikle0c i Hyalb d "lativim (Apiritii,lxd~ofde4. i. byB- Bbrgmattfs. 1965. 46p (foreignWA incltOemibref6A. dSIRO-Trans-7063.Order fr or ETC: J1C$4.60,'UF$0.50'-6as tT76E~, 6~ S121. ~ 1~ :Trans. ('~~Z, logtcb6 Idi Zhurnal (U.%R) v42 a3 p345-587Another ~rlt is am hible from CFSTI, Sl,-%, orET C. HC111.( NMI F$bWas TT-64-19BB3.I.t 01. Commun%%ealth Scientificand industrial ResearchOrganization (Australia)Am In the Diurml ftwtbu of edVMpIM Prom CoMp by Yu,-W Wo Dok A. W* OM# Vol X=oNO I. . .......ftl Tr GftKtAWHT-3Tj6pul'r Aica and Cource of Spermtogenesis oa MaXeTb ft's by Ths go Dolasbovp 5 pp.Swo It, Dok A Sok SM'j, -Vol CXj, No 6; lg%sUH U-411flat IW4cLwM69/0,7Feature-0 of the Feeciii;6 FY~)cr.-o,t3didae Ticaby Ytt - 83.3, 'lilishoy.L. "q Vlnonoffrapb; nsobc! nnc --t-1re,pL,dovyk)i Kleshcbey, 1.67.SIJ. 60- 1 52~'_'~!X Ncp 2 anot LAMPto'61 I~i~or Wolprp *,sciIMOI~ Mod 5dji~ S.ri2mAktivny*h 06LI k I Inop, ie'saxIl';4 ITdeM. sla . ITkai~li. n 14 30.0~ 4 XCOrder f1ro i C orJAITrans.,of itabBoiezinarnyye 0 (U(I(Vioprom obwhchmAyaM Tayezh-=P.~tcbjtr. by(forelp tm bcluded) 4 refs.mfl$l.8Q ph$1.80 61-13171ia PakradtolVya 11 Paruit-v. 2i, w. 4. p. 481-484,-Zoology. TT, v. 5, no. 4)61-151711. 'Ficks--ftysialogy1. Ulashow, YIL S.U. CSIRO Tram-493('111. Canmanwe&M Sc enUftwid ln&uaW Ri-searebOrgeni=don (Aumtralls)011ko of TacbdW S, vkwcularitles of IxK)dos TiCUp bytwi'l C-3$26 ml $0-465; ph $3.6o67 334..192of Ixodes Ticks IVPecularitlesbovlassTh -Very M AWM 09 �G&SRM-,W4YAugj 335-T5261-19234I Waaliz. 0!66C(.A0S MPHAL6:RDER NAUTILOIDEA, 1. Aquatic animals--amit ~0ANEW 0OVICIM IUTILow 604m USSR ClassificationkA00y"4,Naluftlaideyi iii) tr. by Ivan 2. Marine biology--USSRmittin.19SO [321. Balashov, Z. G.hp - omiti6dfI'bidiir tiot11 LC 4; ph$6.30 61-19234 11. Title: New...SSLA mi$3.60,L~111. Geological Stirrey,Trans. 6fano. IZaMe Vidy DkevMkb Rastenli i Denver, Colt.viinBisp6' i~6(*w Spl~fes of Andent Plantslaiiii inviirtkiratei If IUSSR) Moscoi,, 1960, rA. 2.P. 3-121Office of Tochoicel Sorw4ces(garth Sd epces.. Xeanography, TT, Y. S. no. 11)1: 1 1I~ilnv~siivuldrl of ths AsU of the aortic10 pp."'3000 d0d;Odys- Ta II, Ic 29S~me' 6 of the StAte of the Peripheral Bloodah& 116 a ietic Organs in Dogs at Long InterviLlsto,Afterilcine~~,I X-ray Exposures, by A. N. Balashovit, 2 pp.RUSS Pai~ers presented at the conference of there,motT ons Iquences of injuries caused by the actionof iohizingiradiation, pp 12, 13.aita t=*.Qt 1 wtors In theState$ 4y; TV. 1. Sharyin andBO pp,6)22iwlbV*r i Tearet IU# Vol4ND 'Lgje# Vp 229409%A Tr 8-1947Of Abe, MAtO Of Bt4M'--cp b ll***[~ salashm 1h. V. manu.,6 Zt.; ,6 4~1.MD rr, I Tsmt ou: 1 Re MEM ==J=lk ppAmer lkwt of Pbpiosawlet ymele8j, am%L ZVI, No 1IA*'rPhOlOfW Of Wnobites I by H. A.ftrosy Pkiewwloga.. va n,,Bet of interior03 IV No 90oc~ +)Salya 6Au~ 62bip Of (*LU mi c"Lliarlef, or thuftti t Tripalml we ft Uhe ftot=Uaby S. 0. IMU*bvm,,W'a]L Mwpe Jbdq Val XLEsap prThe Wp Betum NoTv Co13A andcapi ties; the Pr*4 a of Adult ADIMIB* byHo~ G 6 NOIRUBB 061 per., Ebpor Mca. 1. Jbd Vol=,so 7"~ ~41 1~"6' pp t4sA COMUIUM"Dee 51Pecu,l~~ ~U :of the DlartdbuUou of the Hydro-chldrl, ~of22 e Dieftylotiumftl 7hioeater ofDiphe xythloscatic Acid in the Body, by E. K.51RUSSUW~ jerj Dyul Sksper Blol I Yed, Vol XLVI,No. 12 x"N 1199, pr. 60A.set - ~~I~dJulConmlt,-nts Dure-u

(Video) Bala Movie Review | Ayushmann Khurrana Bhumi Pednekar Yami Gautam | #GodMotherOfReview

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